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Life 360

by Dr. Robin Rise

What would it feel like to reach your goals or dreams?

What would it feel like to shed old fears and negative patterns that have limited your success and happiness?

What price would you pay for motivation, time, energy, joy, happiness, love?

What would you pay to make all your efforts count…and see results…that last?

How much longer do you want to wait for a vital body, true health, calm and effective mind, infinite creativity, happy relationships, financial freedom, a fulfilling life?

With the RIGHT help, anything you want is possible.

About Dr. Robin

For over three decades, Robin Rise Ph.D, has been inspiring and guiding people everywhere to live the life they really want, passionately and purposefully. She has served as a healing guide and catalyst to promote profound, multi-layered healing for hundreds of clients. Using an intersection of science, spirituality  and body wellness, she creates a highly personalized plan to move people to their best lives.

Robin was trained as a Clinical Psychologist, with a strong foundation in understanding “why we are the way we are”, then added the latest neuroscience and spiritual and energetic wisdom. She became a transformational coach to help clients gain the wisdom from, and then move out of, their deepest fears, blocks, and old beliefs into new levels of alignment, growth, health, wholeness and abundance. All about evolution, baby. Your life. Only better.

Robin has over three decades of experience as a Psychologist, now a transformation expert life coach that helps to make dreams a reality. Through her refined sense of practical efficiency, cutting edge methods and passion for excellence, she brings the evolutionary and revolutionary vision of the Dr. Robin Rise & Associates team to each client.  She is a student of all things growth-oriented, the neuroscience of transformation, and the magical and mystical.  Oh, and fun and happiness as well. 

“Thank you for lighting a fire in me. Now I feel unstoppable and “unmessable”. Thanks for reminding me what I already knew. My best me came with me when I was born. She just had to be recovered and unleashed. Look out world! Robin, you rock.”


“It is hard to put into words the profound and sincere effect Robin has had in my life. She is inspirational, relatable, intelligent and compassionate. She encourages and nurtures growth and personal realizations with a sharp wit and, if need be, a no nonsense perspective.”


“…with Robin’s expert guidance, I found that I am already perfect, underneath the crazy layers of hiding and avoidance I created. How astonishing to know that authentic life was always there. And now, and now I have a fantastic life!”


“I can feel my life changing, and I feel inspired and powerful. I really am creating a life that I want to live. So many people ask me what’s different about me, and I just tell them I’ve discovered a “me” that I like.”


“Words cannot convey how much I have loved working with Robin! She is intuitive, insightful and incredibly supportive…”


“I view Robin as a life mentor and not just a therapist spouting clinical jargon. She truly has made a positive difference in my life.”


“Thanks for keeping it real, being so f’ing smart, and a sometimes a bit tough on me. I can say that I don’t feel stuck now, and am working on “limitless energy” about my life.”


“By applying the techniques that you have taught me I am able to effectively deal with issues that just a short time ago were seemingly impossible…”


“You’ve used your story, your mistakes, your vulnerability, your quirky personality, along with your crazy encyclopedia of knowledge and wisdom to help me find my way to my truth. So glad I found you. Felt like coming home.”


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