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One-on-one coaching is the fastest way to live a life of  your own design and create immediate and lasting change.  Allow Dr. Robin to personally guide and empower you to cause the change you deeply desire once and forever, getting to the heart of your highest ideals and dreams and to truly love your life.. Dr. Robin will use her experience as a Psychologist and coach, using the best, most efficient methods for true and lasting change and happiness, intuition, inspiration, humor, insights and straightforward instruction on how to realize your every dream.


Tribe Rise is a revolutionary and evolutionary group coaching experience. If you are tired of doing things on your own, here you find your tribe to share, support, and sometimes hold you accountable to your highest self. You will be guided to make empowering changes in your life. In this safe place to share your authentic self, you can grow and deepen your personal dreams into reality. Using transformational, personal development media and professional group coaching, in 6 weeks you move into inspired action for your unique, highest, best, most awesome life.


Our associates add cutting edge, out-of-the-traditional-box options. This is a revolutionary, complementary option that is a integral to your achieving your highest growth and potential. Neuroscience now proves that a holistic and comprehensive mind-body-spirit approach to healing, growth, movement, and evolution is the most beneficial and effective. We pride ourselves on having the best specialists in different treatment modalities available to assist you in achieving the highest and most awesome self…quickly.


Here you will find the cutting edge, highly effective, and immediately usable wisdom and science media, using results-oriented, neuroscience-based tools for success. These are the programs that we use and that we know work. And all at your own pace and on your own time. This is the one place you can come to for finding the best advancements in life and personal development. We’ve found the best and the brightest books, information, webinars, courses and products to help you be the best you can be. Because today, it’s not enough to know, you want to know HOW.