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I am humbled, honored, and grateful for the kind words from the amazing people below. They’ve taught me so much. Thank you!


Dr. Robin 

“I view Robin as a life mentor and not just a therapist spouting clinical jargon. She truly has made a positive difference in my life.”


“Most of us believe that we can only be happy when we ‘fix’ something about ourselves. Our belief system says, ‘I am not good enough, and until I am, I can’t have the life I want.’ But, with Robin’s expert guidance, I found that I am already perfect, underneath the crazy layers of hiding and avoidance I created. How astonishing to know that authentic life was always there. And now, and now I have a fantastic life!”


“Robin helped me move beyond self-limiting belief systems and remove the roadblocks that keep me from creating the life I truly wanted. From feeling stuck, paralyzed, worried and depressed to having joy, focus and purpose. Living life happily and to the fullest is the most important gift I can give to myself and to this planet. To be fully alive, that’s my destiny, and it is infinitely more fun!”


“Words cannot convey how much I have loved working with Robin! She is intuitive, insightful and incredibly supportive. Robin is very aware of when you need an extra little push of encouragement or simply when to sit quietly with you through more difficult moments. Self-exploration can be a roller coaster, but with Robin’s remarkable knowledge, buoying support and inspiring energy, the journey has been rewarding and well worth the ride.”


“By the end of my first session I realized that I had perhaps done the best thing to this point in my life. My time with you has enlightened me to the inner workings of life, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. By applying the techniques that you have taught me I am able to effectively deal with issues that just a short time ago were seemingly impossible. I now look forward to our occasional visits not only as my therapist but, most importantly, my friend.”


“I started working with Dr. Robin when I noticed that my confidence and motivation were lacking. I may have quit trying at all by now if it wasn’t for you. You remind me that I am good enough and on the right track. And that where I am is exactly where I need to be.

Thanks for keeping it real, being so f’ing smart, and a sometimes a bit tough on me. I can say that I don’t feel stuck now, and am working on “limitless energy” about my life. Time to not waste any more time in my life! Thanks. Couldn’t be doing this without you.”


“’Therapy’ with Robin was NOT what I expected. I think I learned more in the first session about myself and how to help myself than I’d ever experienced in any training before. In simple language, I understood what was going on inside my body and my mind, and I could begin to “reprogram” some of my old patterns by doing “innercise”–mind training. I can feel my life changing, and I feel inspired and powerful. I really am creating a life that I want to live. So many people ask me what’s different about me, and I just tell them I’ve discovered a “me” that I like.”


“I was extremely fortunate to have had my first psychotherapy experience with Robin at the tender age of 15 and have been working with her for the past 11 years. It is hard to put into words the profound and sincere effect Robin has had in my life. She is inspirational, relatable, intelligent and compassionate. She encourages and nurtures growth and personal realizations with a sharp wit and, if need be, a no nonsense perspective. Because her interests and passions are so diverse, she has always been able to meet me where I am in that moment, or in that relationship, issue or tragedy. An appointment with Robin is more like going to see an old friend.”


“You have started the movement of embracing who you were made to be. You’ve used your story, your mistakes, your vulnerability, your quirky personality, along with your crazy encyclopedia of knowledge and wisdom to help me find my way to my truth. So glad I found you. Felt like coming home.”


“Thank you for lighting a fire in me. Now I feel unstoppable and “unmessable”. Thanks for reminding me what I already knew. My best me came with me when I was born. She just had to be recovered and unleashed. Look out world! Robin, you rock.”


“Robin is a gift. Her dedication to making an impact in other’s lives is at the core of everything she does. If you are looking for a coach with compassion, insight and knowledge of what your soul really needs, Robin comes highly recommended.”


“I express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Robin for truly helping me create a business and life I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!! Please keep up your amazing work — the world needs you! I recommend you almost daily to others who can benefit from your talents as a life coach that truly has the knowledge, passion, experience, and wisdom to show me the real me.”


“I have some serious appreciation for this woman.She puts her heart and soul into what she does. She shines bright and it’s contagious. I’m amazed at how she shows up with such enthusiasm. Just wishes that on our journey we expand and grow. She holds intentions that we may be REAL and be ALIVE. That we show up with our beautiful flaws everyday ready to shine our new found LIGHT.”


“Being able to change how I see myself allowed me to have a clear vision of what I want both my personal and professional life to be and the steps I need to take to get there. Priceless.”


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