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HOW to have your Best LIFE NOW 

the bridge between science and spirit to happiness



Results Life Coaching 

If you really are ready to love your life and move on from fear to fun

then welcome to YOUR best, juicy, fulfilled and happy life.  You are done with overwhelm, stress, exhaustion–you’re ready for life on your terms.  Done settling and wasting your time not being happy or fulfilled. Exhausted by being too busy working at surviving, not feeling excited…not feeling ANYTHING. Truth is, most people are living barely alive, and aren’t willing to face it. But you are ready to wake up and live. You feel it. Let’s get going on that dream life of yours. YOU CAN DO THIS. It’s SO worth it!

Coaching Packages

You want it.

There’s more to this life.

And now is the time.

You feel it.

You are ready to be yourself and to stop pretending or settling or being unfulfilled. You know there is more you have to do or be or contribute in this world. Now is your time to RISE.

Let me show you how

What would it feel like to reach your goals or dreams?

What would it feel like to shed old fears and negative patterns that have limited your success and happiness?

What price would you pay for motivation, time, energy, joy, happiness, love?

What would you pay to make all your efforts count…and see results…that last?

How much longer do you want to wait for a vital body, true health, calm and effective mind, infinite creativity, happy relationships, financial freedom, a fulfilling life?

Fabulous, you’re still reading. That means you are ready to make an investment into your most precious resource: you.

The most successful people on the planet understand the huge benefit of investing in themselves. Being life-long learners. Being curious. Coaching is an investment in yourself that opens up the world to you. Athletes, actors, musicians, executives…they all know that constant improvement and practice and fine-tuning themselves opens them up to be their best through hiring a coach or mentor. Coaching isn’t just for athletes, musicians and corporate executives – it’s for anybody wise enough to realize that we all have our own blind spots and can benefit from an experienced, trained, and intuitive guide who has been doing this for 25 years.

If you are committed to your personal growth, you are open to new perspectives, and you are ready for things to be different, this is the fastest way to achieve your desired results. My gift is in personalizing from 25 years of experience and continuing education and training in the current neuroscience of change, cutting edge techniques from the best researchers and teachers, ancient wisdom teachings, my guidance and intuition, and humor.

I will not enforce a ‘formula’ on you because everyone has a unique path. Each coaching session is personalized and unique. I combine ancient Eastern wisdom with cutting-edge coaching and healing technologies to help you align yourself with your truth and highest path. Oh, and I walk the walk. I’ll share my successes and failures (uh, “growth opportunities”) and I won’t ask you to do anything I haven’t researched, tried, and found valuable. Somehow, it is my mission to be not just the forever student, researcher, guide, therapist, scientist, teacher, and Psychologist but also the test pilot (dummy?) that leads to guiding transformation from my experience. You’ll have fun, you’ll be challenged, you will grow, you will discover yourself…so you can RISE.

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