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Frequently Asked Questions

Results Life Coaching

How do I get started?

I offer a free 20 minute consultation for all coaching clients. Call Dr. Robin at 303-725-825 or fill out the contact form.

How does it work?

New clients usually start with the 3 month package.  It’s a way to get the momentum started, as well as enough time to break bad habits and practice your new healthy ones. You will see progress on your goals, and be feeling empowered and excited about your ability to create that life of your dreams.

What are the options to work with Dr. Robin?

You can take a look at the pricing on the services page, but the most popular is the Life Coaching Platinum Package, which gives you 6 hours of coaching, unlimited email (24 hour turn around time on weekdays). The Ultimate package is for those who are dedicated to making a major life transition (and making it last) over a year. You’ll be a different person–in the best way!  

The Ultimate package is for those who are dedicated to making a major life transition (and making it last) over a year. You’ll be a different person–in the best way!  

There is also the option of joining Tribe Rise, a revolutionary and evolutionary group coaching program that provides you with soul-sisters on the same journey to joy.

Where and how do we meet?

We can meet in person if you live in the greater Denver/Boulder Colorado area. My office is in Broomfield. Otherwise we will meet via phone conference or Skype. Really. It works well!

How often do we meet?

You can use your time however you would like to.  Some people choose a regular 30 minute session every week, while others prefer to schedule on an as needed basis. All packages offer unlimited email correspondence during weekdays, with a promised 24 hour response.

What will I have to do?

You will doing a lot and we will work together. I’m going to be asking you, based on your personal plan, to do a series of homework, introspection, and general “getting out of your comfort zone” kinds of things. And the degree to which you actively participate is the degree of results you’ll see. 

How much does it cost?

You can check out the pricing on the services page and be guided on the plan that you wish to be part of.

Tribe Rise

Why Should I join Tribe Rise?

Tribe Rise makes personal development, the newest research, the best information-for-transformation, connection with like-minded women, and supportive community more accessible, affordable, effective, personal and possible for the busy, modern-day woman.

Who Leads Tribe Rise?

Dr. Robin Rise will guide and empower you in your real life while connecting with other amazing women in special and safe meetings.

What's the cost?

$400 per 8-week session

Note: If you were to go out and hire a personal life coach you could easily pay $500-$1500 per month. And it is so much more fun and fulfilling to have a tribe, as everyone embarks on the same journey.

What is expected of me?

You are a vital member of each meeting, so please show up and be on time. Please bring your authentic, brave, vulnerable, unique self to the table. We want the real you, all of you, no matter what.

On the practical side, there is homework between sessions, and it is required that you complete and bring to the next meeting. This is part of the accountability to yourself and your tribe that will move you into your true and lasting results!

What if I cant make all the meetings?

While obviously it’s ideal if you can attend all dates, missing 1 or 2 meetings seems to not diminish the results or closeness of the tribe.

Does the cost of each program include the purchase of the book or program?

Each Tribe Rise program is different. Seminars and trainings will be provided and shared through Dr. Robin Rise’s website. Materials and books will be yours to purchase or gather from libraries, bookstores, or online. There will be a link to the materials for each program.

What does the Tribe Rise Registration Process look like?

Click on the registration link (*create a Join Us* registration page) and sign up as soon as you can! The programs fill up quickly and have a max of 8-10 women per group. The registration will typically close 2 weeks before the start date.

You will receive a welcome email with the important details about your group, location, parking or online links to materials and meetings one week before the first meeting.

What are the different Tribe Rise Programs and how do I learn about them?

Throughout the year, we offer different Tribe Rise programs based on different topics. Each program has the start date, the days, timing, media/program/seminar, and location. Come back often to the website to see current openings, or upcoming options (make this a hyperlink to page *tribe rise offerings*). You can also sign up to receive email updates on what supercool programs are offered next. *link to mail chimp email list*

Are Tribe Rise Programs in-person or Virtual?

Each program will have it’s own details. Right now, most programs are virtual and held on-line using Zoom Meetings!

There is increased interest in meeting in person, so let us know if that’s your preference! These days, it seems that face-to-face is more needed than ever.

Do you offer refunds?

So far, that hasn’t been an issue. Should there be a difficulty, please fill out contact form to discuss options based on your particular situation.

Can I suggest or request a book or programs?

Absolutely! And if we can get 8-10 participants, we’ll roll it out.