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For twenty-five years, Robin Alchin, Ph.D., has been inspiring and guiding people everywhere to live the life they really want, passionately and purposefully. She has served as a healing guide and catalyst to promote profound, multi-layered healing for hundreds of clients. Using an intersection of science and emotional/spiritual/body wellness, she creates a highly personalized plan to move people to their best lives.

Robin was trained as a Clinical Psychologist, with a strong foundation in understanding “why we are the way we are”, then added the latest neuroscience and spiritual and energetic wisdom. She became a transformational coach to help clients gain the wisdom from, and then move out of, their deepest fears, blocks, and old beliefs into new levels of alignment, growth, health, wholeness and abundance. All about evolution, baby. Your life. Only better.

Robin has over three decades of experience as a Psychologist, now a transformation expert life coach that helps to make dreams a reality. Through her refined sense of practical efficiency, cutting edge methods and passion for excellence, she brings the evolutionary and revolutionary vision of the Dr. Robin Rise & Associates team to each client.  She is a student of all things growth-oriented, the neuroscience of transformation, and the magical and mystical.  Oh, and fun and happiness as well. 

She is a devoted mother of two beautiful (inside and out) daughters who also happen to be good world citizens. When not transforming lives, Robin loves to constantly explore how to make life amazing, spend time outdoors, experience new things (because you have to try it to know), travel, work on her body with fitness, yoga, dance (not well!), and, just in general, soak up sunshine whenever and wherever she can..